• September 30, 2023

Talkdesk raised $230M in Series D Round at a $10B Valuation

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Talkdesk CEO and Founder Tiago Paiva confirmed that the cloud-based contact center software has acquired $230M in Series D increasing the company’s valuation to $10B.

New investors like Whale Rock Capital Management, TI Platform Management, and Alpha square Group joined hands with existing investors like Amity Ventures and Franklin Templeton.

Using AI and machine learning, Talkdesk improves customer service for midmarket and enterprise businesses. Big shot customers like Acxiom, IBM, Fujitsu and Trivago are among its cache.

The pandemic and the scenario of working from home played a big part in customer interaction thus making contact centers the heart of companies, Paiva noted.

Since its launch in 2011, Talkdesk now stands at $498M funding. The Series D round of 2020 aimed at company expansion and increasing to 2000 employees. Investors showed much interest in the series. Talkdesk looked out for more funding as explained by Paiva. The company plans to grow in Europe, Australia, Latin America, and Asia areas it is working.

New features like Talkdesk Workspace and Talkdesk Builder have been introduced by the company. Talkdesk’s first financial officer Sydney Carey introduced 50% women to the team. There was no hint from Paiva for any IPO plans. Alex Bangash and Trang Nguyen of TI Platform Management have suggested that Talkdesk is moving in the said direction, stating that Talkdesk is an example of a strong team backing a successful idea.

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